How to Use a Naked Put in Binary Options Trading

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How to Use a Naked Put in Binary Options Trading

Posted on by John Thiel

The classic Naked Put definition refers to a scenario when a writer owning a put option does not have a short position in the stock on which he’s written the put. This situation is also known as an “uncovered put”, and the level of risk is very high because the profit is limited to the premium received at the time the option is sold. I have seen a lot of novice traders lose a lot of money because they do not know how to manage risk properly. I have two friends who trade binary options on a regular basis and I …

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How to Choose the Binary Options Broker that is Right for You

Posted on by John Thiel

Looking at all the binary options brokers available today its clear to see that there has been  an incredible growth of brokers offering various services. My search originally lead me to the regulated binary options exchanges at first, namely NADEX and the CBOE. Naturally as I dived in I saw how structured and cumbersome the traditional trading practices have become compared to all the Cyprus-based binary options platforms. So with all due respect Mr. William J. Brodsky, if you have net capital requirements for risk-based haircuts on the S&P 500, it’s fairly simple to assume that your average trader will look for an …

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Learn How to Get Bigger Bonuses from Binary Options Brokers

Posted on by John Thiel

The biggest bonus I ever received for my first deposit was from Traderush. They called it educational allowance, but its actually a bonus like you would get when you make a deposit at an online casino or poker site.  This is how it happened. I was referred to Traderush, one of the newer binary options brokers available online by my friend. He claimed these guys know their business. First they know options, secondly they are not too pushy but let you know that if you want to make a a purchase online they are always available to assist. Now here’s …

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How to Use Your Visa Card To Deposit at OptionBit

Posted on by John Thiel

The following post is a step-by-step deposit guide explaining how to open an account with  and to deposit with visa at OptionBit, one of the best binary options brokers online ( this information is also valid for Visa Electron, Prepaid Visa, and Visa Gift cards). For more in depth analysis and reviews of binary options brokers depositing options please refer to the homepage. Step 1. Log on to OptionBit by clicking Here. Sign up and enter your details as requested. Step 2. You will be immediately referred to the cashier section of the binary options trading platform. The default option is …

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Binary Options Reviews

Posted on by John Thiel

The following post is basically a recap of all the reviews that can be found in the binaryoptionsreports home page. It provides an executive brief of all the various binary options brokers reviews and gives you the bottom line. Optionbit Review: A top tier binary options broker with exceptionally sharp dealers providing you with surprisingly insightful trading tips on various commodities, indices, stocks, or currencies. In this case I used my neteller account to deposit $1,000 and the was immediately approached with a type of cash back offer you will never get with the more traditional options brokers. They offer …

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Learn How to Use a Covered Call in Binary Options Trading Strategy

Posted on by John Thiel

A covered call is one of various binary options trading strategies where online traders can hold a long position on an underlying asset as well as a call option on the same asset trying to produce more income on that specific asset. This strategy, (also referred to as a buy-write) is often used when investors have a short term or neutral outlook on the underlying asset and therefore hold the asset long while at the same time take a short position on the option to produce higher profit margins from the option premium. Now let’s say that for all intents and purposes …

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