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Binary Options Trading Software

Posted on by John Thiel

When talking trading software specifically designed for binary options there is not too much offered out there. In general, we can divide the whole pie into three pieces, or types of trading software that are available online. The first is the type of software that advertises how it will assist you in making the correct trades. To be specific, you have software like mastertrader or etf3.ifii which will give you the actual tools to make your analysis and develop a trading strategy. This type of software usually includes charting features like candlesticks and bollinger bands, data tools like a breakdown of …

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Binary Options Comparison

Posted on by John Thiel

Looking at all the new binary options brokers out there popping up like mushrooms with licences from the big platforms like Tradologic and Spotoption, its easy to see why it can get confusing when trying to choose the binary options broker that is right for you. There are many brokers that will scam you, but there are a few well known, popular, and recommended brokers that have been around for a while. This post provides a bit of insight as to the basics you need to understand in order to make an informed decision when trying to choose a reputable …

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Trading EUR USD Forex Binary Options – A Strategic Analysis of a Bullish Market

Posted on by John Thiel

Today I will be looking at the Candlestick patterns and trying to formulate a Forex trading strategy on the EUR/USD exchange rates. Chart A represents a Harami Bullish pattern. Harami translates to “pregnant” in Japanese. This specific Bullish Pattern is usually characterized by its small white body contained within a previously longer black real body (for explanations about bullish and bearish markets please refer to our strategy section located at the top menu of the home page). The long black candlestick is referred to as the mother and the smaller one is also known as the baby (my friends call it …

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OptionsClick Offers Free Trades on Facebook Stock

Posted on by John Thiel

OptionsClick, the popular binary options trading platform is offering special free Facebook (FB) trades for a limited time. A couple of days ago the OptionsClick Head Trader contacted me and offered me the deal, and this was how the free trade promotion was explained to me. The minimum deposit to receive the FB trades stands at $300. Of course you can buy more but you don’t have to, and the money isn’t automatically credited to your OptionsClick account. I was told I have to call a certain number and ask to participate in the Trade Facebook promo. There was more criteria, …

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Traderush Trading News and Updates

Posted on by John Thiel

Just received new updates from Traderush, one of our recommended binary options brokers. FaceBook (FB) stock is now available to trade and shows on the asst index. Liberty Reserve also available now, its a great way for you to fund your account.  MoneyBookers, Visa, Amex, and Mastercard are also available. Updates: » StockPairs are now offered.  To illustrate, FB vs GOOG, which stock will perform better? » Traderush is now offering $500 Max trades on 60 second options. This is very high risk financial betting, but the returns are very high. I wouldn’t recommend this to traders just starting out now. » …

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OptionBit Digital Trading Tutorial

Posted on by John Thiel

The following post is a step-by-step trading guide or tutorial designed to do the following things: 1. Explain, in the most simple and easy to understand way how to register an account with OptionBit, one of the more well-known and recommended online binary options brokers. 2. How to enter the cashier, make a deposit using a credit card, making a wire transfer or via Western union (OptionBit is currently working towards integrating an ewallet and paypal solution) depending on how you would prefer making your purchase and receiving your bonus or educational allowance. 3. How to select the underlying asset, …

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How to Analyze Financial News to Get the Best Return on Investments in Binary Options Trading

Posted on by John Thiel

Looking at the current financial situation in the Euro zone, with an added portion of skepticism in the Spanish government lead by Mariano Rajoy, its easy to see why investors are flocking to the East. However, it isn’t exactly easy pickings in China these days. It’s enough to look at BIDU stock during the last 3 months to understand whats the general trend. And when institutional investors in Japan make a transition from manufacturing to safe-haven sectors, such as the food, pharmaceuticals, and railroad industries as Daniel Inman from WSJ online mentions, you have to recognize the fact there is a …

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Learn How to Make Successful Trades in Binary Options

Posted on by John Thiel

A friend of mine who was a legal consultant for one of the more prestigious banking institutions called me and asked me if I could design an investment portfolio tailor-made to his needs. Now, usually this would not be a big deal, however this particular friend has helped me out many times in the past with the kind of information that you just can’t get anywhere else. Nothing illegal mind you, this guy knows how to say things without saying them if you know what I mean… So I stepped up and asked him a few initial questions concerning his …

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How to Invest in Gold When Trading Binary Options

Posted on by John Thiel

It’s common knowledge that commodities are used in order to minimize risk and as a way to diversify the stock portfolio because they are considered to be a relatively low risk form of trading. But why do investors flock to the gold during times of high volatility? I mean you have Copper, Corn, Silver, Oil, & so on…The answer is simple, as opposed to other commodities, lets say oil for example that is more prone to market demand and fluctuates accordingly, gold is a sure way for investors to make sure their money keeps its value and is not devalued …

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