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Anyoption Trading Types, Options and Features‏

Posted on by John Thiel

Today’s binary options trading sites employ a wide array of trading types and options made available to you. Your options vary not only from one platform to another, but there are also broker sites out there sharing the same trading software with each one having different trading features.

For example, if you check out out Traderush (using the Spotoption binary options platform), you will see that they have a trading type called Dynamic One Touch. This is a feature not used by the other SpotOption-powered binary sites.

Lets take Anyoption for example. If you click Here and then select the trade button on the top menu you will see 4 trading options.

1. Binary Options: It is the classic digital options trading mode that allows you to select these options:

  • Call or put options when you make the trade
  • The contract expiry date and time
  • The underlying asset (i.e. GOOG, AAPL)
  • And the Return on the Investment

It doesn’t get simpler than this.

Then you have Options + (Options plus). Anyoption has created a very smart trading tool for experienced traders that works much like a covered call or a protective put which is a trading strategy used by professional traders to limit or hedge their level of risk. The brokers at the trading room allow you to buy the options and then sell them back whenever you want as long as the expiry date and time has not reached.

It can be used for trading futures, oil, DAX future, and EUR/USD. When you purchase an asset and want to sell it before expiration is due, you place a request and Anyoption gives you a price which they say is valid for 4 (four) seconds. If you click the sell button the funds will be transferred to your balance. Alternatively you can decline the offer if you think you will make more money after the original expiry time has passed.

As opposed to other trading options, Options+ has a flat fee of USD/EUR/GBP 0.5, or 1 for Yuan. The fees are added (or deducted depending on how you look at it) from the original deposit amount you make. Make sure to read the terms and conditions section because the Risk Free Options, Increased Refund, Increased return, and Increased Refund and Return bonuses cannot be used on OPTION+.

2. One Touch is designed a bit differently because it allows you to select the number of units you want to trade immediately when you make the trade. To be specific, if according to the sampling rate the cost of the underlying asset reaches the predetermined level in the period between the date the option was bought and its expiration date, the trader qualifies to be compensated the agreed upon payout at the time of the contract expiration.

3. Trading Facebook Options has become so popular that Anyoption has allocated a unique trading tab just for FB stock. It works exactly like one touch only it is restricted to Facebook stock trading only.

Anyoption Trading Special Features

Profit Line

AnyOption’s profit line acts as a sort of stock monitor or diagnostics tool that allows you to buy stock options directly from it, instead of going to the usual trading panel. It’s used for hourly options only. Once an option is purchased you immediately see the moving trend line. The details of the contract will be displayed in the user interface, and you will be able to see the underlying asset, expiry time, and the amount of investment.

The Current Return represents the possible or projected return of your positions according to the underlying asset’s new level.

The graph is divided into 4 different quadrants which glow or fade into grey relative to market fluctuation:

  • In the Money
  • Out of the Money
  • Option Level
  • Current Level

In the money quadrant is when the bought option enters in the zone where the expected ROI is more than the initial investment sum.

Out of the money means that the underlying asset level falls below the line or inside the trading area. This means that expected return on investment is less than the investment amount.

Option level: means you can buy more options and execute trades directly from the trading boxes in the usual manner.

Current level: Means the trade is in progress and the position is open.

Take Profit:

If you want to make sure your trade expires when you originally intended it to you can lock it in. You need to pay a premium for it, but you can get the promised return on this option without being tempted to back out of the original contract as long as this is done before the original expiry time of the option’s buy time. This is regardless of the asset’s level of expiry. “Take Profit” is offered on various options that correspond to the indicators defined in AnyOption’s trading system. They are shown on the trading page for some 15 minutes prior to the expiry time for a period of 5 minutes.

Roll Forward:

If you want to delay the expiry time on your position, Anyoption will let you do it at the point nearest to the available expiry time. You will have to pay a premium for this. If you are offered Roll Forward by the Anyoption trading system you will be able to do this. “Roll Forward” is offered on various options that correspond to the indicators defined in AnyOption’s trading system. Roll Forward is shown on the trading page for some 15 minutes prior to the expiry time for a period of 5 minutes.

Free SMS Trading Alerts

If you purchase a binary option of 100 USD/EUR/GBP or over you are given the option of having the outcome (in the money/out of the money) sent to your mobile device or cellular phone by SMS. This options is offered to you upon registration.

Anyoption is one of the older and more reputable binary options brokers available today. They offer trading of stock, commodities, indices, and currencies. The brokers in the trading room have been absolutely professional and courteous, but more importantly, they have been able to guide me through the various tools and trading instruments available and help me become a more effective and successful trader.

My profit margins have grown and now I am able to take more risk and leverage my balance to make bigger and more diverse spreads on binaries and futures stock.
A bit of disclosure, I have open positions on Nasdaq, Oil, AAPL, AXP and I am long on greenbacks and XOM. Recently I have also dabbled in ETF’s and Asian stock, particularly on emerging markets such as Thailand. I also have long open positions, particularly on Comex Gold on NADEX and CBOE.

Anyoption accepts Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, Amex, Moneybookers, Cashu, Ukash, Money Transfers, debit cards, prepaid credit cards, as well as other ewallets. Neteller and Paypal are currently not accepted.

To open an account with Anyoption simply click Here and see start ask for a 30% insurance bonus.


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