Binary Options Brokers Accepting Amex 2013

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Binary Options Brokers Accepting Amex 2013

Posted on by John Thiel

The American Express card continues to be one of the most preferred methods of payment for binary options traders wanting to fund their real money account. Especially popular with VIP’s and and corporate traders, Amex usually allows more flexible credit lines, meaning you can deposit larger sums with higher frequency without being stopped.

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For those of us hitting limits in the past, you know how important this can be especially when you need to fund you account in order to execute an important trade. This usually happens when you fund a new trading account and wish to execute more 60 second trades. This is more prevalent in this scenario because the volume of trades is very high and usually you need to risk more in order for your contract to expire in the money.

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Now, I personally own a corporate as well as Platinum Amex card, however my colleagues have registered with 24option and used Amex Gold as well as Green Card. I even have a trading buddy that used Blue Cash to fund his Traderush account. However, I always have another prepaid card that I use for Anyoption. I find it very efficient in allowing me to control my investment budget, and I know more than one trader that uses Amex Pass prepaid in order to keep his trading history anonymous.

To sum up, using Amex to fund your binary options trading account will definitely increase your purchasing limits and allow you to fully implement your trading strategy without having to deal with credit card limits.

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