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Binary Options Brokers Accepting Credit Cards

Posted on by John Thiel

The Visa card is an easy and fast way to fund your trading account. Visa is the most popular credit card in the world, and most traders like to deposit and start trading using visa.

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If you like to keep your anonymity, we recommend you get a prepaid card. Any card with the visa logo on it should be fine and let you make your initial purchase and go ahead and start trading immediately.

Mastercard is the second most popular card and we found out that in cases of disputes Mastercard is more friendly with the customer than visa, who prefer taking the merchant side in most cases. So definitely depositing and funding your account with Mastercard is a smart choice, especially if you are not sure about the site you want to invest in.

American Express (Amex) Is very popular among more established households and/or businesses. Especially if you have Amex Black, Platinum, or Gold – you should have no issues depositing, funding your account, and collecting your welcome bonus.

Diners Club (Diners) Depositing and funding your trading account with diners is also very common, although I have not seen many traders carrying this specific card. Most binary options trading sites accept it and I personally would like to get one and use it just for making all my online trading purchases.

Getting Declined: Most common reasons for getting your credit card declined are insufficient balance, incorrect data entry, or declines based on limits placed by either the merchant accepting the deposit or the credit card company itself. One way to overcome this is to have another credit card ready to deposit.  Another way to do it, is also a more anonymous way is to either get a prepaid card or open an ewallet account with one of the alternative payment methods the binary trading site offers.

Below is a list of recommended binary options brokers accepting credit cards:


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