Binary Options Brokers Accepting Euro Deposits

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Binary Options Brokers Accepting Euro Deposits

Posted on by John Thiel

If you are an active binary options trader looking to fund your account with Euros, you will find a plethora of brokers willing to offer their services. However, you should be aware that  while some brokers accept Euro deposits, their base currency may be USD. What does this mean?

Well, in essense it means the you can deposit in Euros, but the balance is translated into the dollar equivalency. Why does this happen? Well, there are usually 2 possible reasons for this. The first has to do with the processing solutions the brokers has, and the second has to do with the techinical or integration aspects offered by the binary options platform.

Now, if you are trader from France depositing in Euro I’m sure you would like to see a Euro balance. However, there is a big advantage in having a USD balance because you get more trading “bang for your buck”. Meaning you can deposit a smaller amount in Euros, but actually execute more trades because the balance is simply bigger. You can and NEED to leverage this to maximize the number and/or size of trades you make and the positions you take.

For example, if you trade 60 second options using the high frequency or rapid fire trading strategy, on 24option you will find that every dollar added to you balance could mean the difference between making money and significant gains, or losing your investment. In fact, it may even be worth your while to open a USD account even if you purchase in Euro currency.

As always, before making your initial deposit you need to find the broker that is right for you.  Below you will find a short list of brokers accepting Euro currency offering exclusive offers for binaryoptionsreports traders. Alternatively you can choose anyone of the recommended binary options brokers from our reviews section. Our staff makes recommendations based on trades executed. We have open positions on various stock, indexes, currencies, and commodities and has consistently made and cashed out money multiple times.


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