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Binary Options Brokers Accepting Prepaid Cards

Posted on by John Thiel

Prepaid cards are very popular deposit methods among day traders. The benefits they bring are anonymity and control over expenditures or the amount of money traders want to deposit and risk. Besides the prepaid Visa, Mastercard, or Amex cards you can find in a variety of kiosks, liquor stores, gas stations, or even online, there are two prepaid cards that have been gaining popularity.

Ukash is a prepaid card which can be purchased at convenience stores in select locations across Europe mainly. Primarily used by British traders (hence the name), Ukash has recently expanded to various locations across Europe at first, and can now be purchased from pretty much anywhere – either online or from a variety of points of sale.

PaysafeCard  is another prepaid card originally used by Germans and Austrians, and now pretty much by Europeans all over. It is very well liked and widely used by traders wanting to fund their account and start purchasing stocks online. I personally know a couple of traders that will only use this payment method and are actively looking for binary options sites that accept paysafecard.

Below you will find a list of binary options brokers accepting debit cards:

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