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Binary Options Brokers Accepting US Traders

Posted on by John Thiel

If you are a US resident and like to trade binary options you may have encountered some difficulties registering an account or trying to deposit or withdraw funds. This is because some of the brokers out there have a different interpretation of the regulation. It is important to point out a few important issues:

A. There is a HUGE difference between illegal and unregulated. Binary options trading is currently unregulated in the United States, hence in most cases you will be able to register an account and deposit. For some reason some brokers will only let you trade Stock or Indices if you are logging in from a US ip. Some brands will ban your IP altogether if you are from the States.

B. There is a also a very big difference between a regulated exchange like CBOE and Nadex which are licensed by the CFTC, as opposed to a CYSEC-licensed broker offering you a financial vehicle. One very big difference is that the exchanges will charge you commissions based on trading volume. They don’t care if you win or lose, they get their fees either way.

The CYSEC-licensed brokers won’t charge you fees, and they will also create incentives in the form of bonuses to entice you to deposit. However, they make money only if the trader loses. In other words, you are not trading against the market or other traders, rather against the house. While this may seem like a racket at times, I assure you this is not the case.

I have personally won over $50,000 with a few brokers and after I sent in my documentation I was able to withdraw immediately. I have over 500 open positions on stocks as well as indices and commodities and I trade binary Forex options on a daily basis without having any issues at all.

Below is a breakdown of brokers accepting trades from the USA:

Broker Assets Available Assets Excluded
Traderush All     #   #
XPMarkets All     #   #
24Option All     #   #
OptionsClick All     #   #
iOption All     #   #
Ikkotrader All     #   #
Anyoption All     #   #
Globaloption Stocks, Indices Forex, Commodities
Optionbit Stocks Indices, Forex, Commodities
OptionXP Stocks Indices, Forex, Commodities
Tradesmarter *Non US only    #   #

To sum up, if you are a US trader looking to make money trading binary options online, simply select any one of the brokers above, or alternatively refer to the reviews  section located on the right panel. Should you need any assistance formulating a strategy, simply refer to our strategy section where you will find a vast assortment of trading tips and explanations designed to guide you and get you started.





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