Your Binary Options Trading Guide to Making a Safe and Consistently Growing Stream of Income

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Your Binary Options Trading Guide to Making a Safe and Consistently Growing Stream of Income

Posted on by John Thiel

When I finally left my corporate position at one of the bigger financial institutions I decided that it was time to start managing my own money. At the time binary options trading online was just beginning, but I already had  a special affinity for this particular financial instrument.

Looking back I remember all the money I managed for my top clients and then it finally hit me. It’s different when you risk your money, and not someone else’s. I got a real kick out of it and being an analytics freak who believes in minimal risk and is willing to make lesser gains, I started pulling out my mental notes in order to get all the historical investment data out of my mind and into my notepad.

Finally, after a very long night with some very strong coffee I came up with what I call my “top ten”. Yes, this wasn’t a very sexy collection of stock options, but I decided I want to play it safe. So here are the tickers…


I went back as far as 10 years and saw that these companies have been consistently strong performers despite highly volatile times. In fact, in many cases despite the bearish markets these stocks have consistently out performed the newer high tech stock like GOOG and BIDU.  Ofcourse, you can’t compare Google or Baidu to Unilever stock when you look at the exponential growth factor, but I wanted to have minimal risk. And that means historical data.

Still, after all that I had an itch to scratch, and I wanted to take 20% of my hard earned retirement money and invest it in binary options. I liked the fact that as opposed to traditional stocks you don’t have to predict the exact outcome of the assets, all I had to do was guess the direction of the trend and the select the call or put option.

I also liked the fact that I had Commodities, currencies,  and indices all rolled up into one binary options platform and as I made my trade on the underlying asset I had the flexibility of having the contacts expire today, tomorrow, next week, or even in an hour – that was a real rush. I put a $1,000 trade on AMAT and closed in the money after an hour with a 70% profit. I stopped at that time and moment because I knew that if I continue trading binary options online I will lose all my pension funds and you can kiss that 401K goodbye.

So to sum up here is what I did, and in essence its what I recommend to all my buddies that retired and are looking for a good binary options broker and a safe and consistently growing stream of income. I put 80% of the portfolio in low risk stocks like the blue chip stocks on the  Dow Jones Industrial Average (see below)

Then I took 20% of my investment and put it on exotic options trading, specifically I like to trade oil, and on the indices I always look at the NASDAQ intraday recommendations. I check out the downgrades and look for a cup and handle pattern.

As is the case with most novice traders I always recommend you take a good look at the trading environment, try to utilize the relevant tools. Your ability to assign the right financial analysis tools to the relevant trading scenario will increase as you gain experience and self confidence. As you progress you will start seeing some trends and based on that you need to start formulating a binary options trading strategy. This system must be based on the relevant trading signals. Finally, before you start investing, I recommend you  take a good look at some of the binary options brokers reviews, and then proceed to open a demo account,  and start experimenting.

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