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Centument LTD Reported as a Scam APP Honest Review

Posted on by John Thiel

The Centument LTD App headed by Gerald Reed has been reported by numerous traders to be a scam and a piece of fraudulent trading software. This should come as no surprise since this system has been very heavily advertised recently by binary options affiliates looking to make commissions from innocent victims wanting to invest and start trading.

Gerald Reed is a Scam
If you Google his name you will see not see anything about his real life. No Facebook or Linked In account can be found for him. I tried looking for a picture of him in google images but there is nothing there, and while it is possible this person likes to 

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keep his anonymity, this is usually a strong indication of a scam because its extremely difficult to hide these days unless you are deliberately trying to avoid any form of public presence, or alternatively using a fake profile. In this case I believe the latter of the two options would be the case here since we are obviously dealing with an actor since someone like this should have a high public profile.

Honesty and Transparency?
There is nothing honest or transparent here, and the sales pitch about leaving Wall Street and opening an investment firm is juicy, but is not really factual. I tried looking up centument in the Better Business Bureau website as well as Wall Street Prep and the IRS, there is nothing there about this company or anyone named Gerald Reed. 

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Fake News Articles
There is nothing genuine or real about the false claims made in the so called Bloomberg Report or CNBC. These are clearly photo-shopped and you can try looking up the fake subject lines in the search engines and see what you get. 

No Real Proof of Profitability or Wins
Remember that the only real proof you will ever need of actual profits and ITM trades can only be found in the brokers trading history section. So if you are shown anything else demand to see real proof or simply walk away without looking back because chances are its a ripoff. 

Lies, Cheating, and False Advertising
Everything they say is an absolute lie, however one must admit they do it in a very convincing way, which means they are professional con artists. 

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1.One-Click, Auto-Pilot trading will cause you to lose your money faster than you can every imagine because this is a fraudulent web application designed to steal your money. 
2. Spendable Profits Tonight is a blatant deception and manipulation of the truth.
3. No Trading Experience Needed – Actually that’s kind of true, real traders would never touch this crappy software, not to mention download it on their computer.
4. The Software Does Everything For You: True, it loses your initial investment very efficiently. 
5. Quick Set-Up: Yes, you are being set up quickly to take a fall. 
6. 24/7 Support: Try contacting them and see what happens. They only want you to deposit and don’t care about providing any factual information.

Is there Anything Out There That Actually Works?
The answer is yes, but it has nothing to do with these get-rich-quick schemes that will send you to the cleaners. This website is packed full of strategies and recommended tools and systems that will help you achieve realistic success. If you are looking for a push-button money solution you can register for Centument LTD or other scams like Walter Green’s Free Money System, Insured Profits, Binary Matrix Pro, or Mockingbird Method. They will all perform the same routine and bleed you dry until you have nothing left or realize you have just been scammed. 

Final Verdict
Centument LTD managed by Gerald Reed is a fraudulent app and a scam designed to get innocent victims to fund binary options trading accounts with unknown brokers. If you feel you have been taken for a ride, ripped off, or wronged please contact us at binaryoptionsreports@gmail.com and we will assist you in recovering lost funds. 

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