GlobalTrader365 Versus GTOptions: A Full Review and Comparison of 60 Second Options

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GlobalTrader365 Versus GTOptions: A Full Review and Comparison of 60 Second Options

Posted on by John Thiel

Binary options traders have a lot of options these days, and competition is getting fierce. I decided to conduct a full review and comparison of the 60 second options feature available at GlobalTrader365 and GTOptions. These are two very dominant brokers available online today and accepting deposits from USA-based traders.


At first glance, the GlobalTrader365 panel is amazingly simple and easy to use. Much like the GTOptions software, it is also powered by Spotoption, probably the leading binary options platform available online today.  It’s important to mention that this broker has a $5 minimum trade option enabled on 60 seconds, and if you are new to binary trading you may want to trade smaller amounts in the start until you get a good feel for the system. However, this is not recommended in the grander scheme of things. We all know that if we want to make the large amounts of money we have to invest bigger amounts. Other than that it was pretty straight forward,  the contract expires after 60 seconds and if you guessed the right direction (up or down) you would have a winning trade.

In the other corner we have GTOptions, with a cool and slick new layout as well as 30 and 120 second options contracts. This by itself would be enough to tilt the scales, however the minimum trade with this broker is $20 which makes it a bit more difficult for newer traders wanting to “dip their toes” in the water and try out a new broker.

60 Second Money Management Strategies :

If you are trading at GlobalTrader365 you have the advantage of hedging bets on the losing streaks, this is particularly useful when you are trading with smaller amounts. So in this scenario, I would recommend this broker if you want to invest smaller sums and trade more times. Additionally, I would try looking into longer contract expiration times and spread out into standard digital options with daily as well as weekly contract expiration times.

GTOptions is definitely made for traders who are looking to invest more heavily and are a bit more experienced. It’s a no-nonsense high risk/reward platform offering an amazing trading environment, but if you are a basement trader making his debut, I recommend you stay away and try brokers like Ubinary or for that matter Redwood Options.

To conclude, if you are looking for a high risk and high reward trading environment try out GTOptions and inquire about the bonuses and incentives they offer. If you are just starting out and want to trade 60 seconds with smaller amounts, your best bet is probably GlobalTrader365.

It is important to mention though, at the end of the day you need to risk substantially in order to profit and make substantial gains. In this context, you may want to open two accounts (one with each broker) and start executing trades on both. You will see immediately that if you want to implement trading strategies like high frequency or Rapid Fire, you will need a large balance to start out with. That’s why I don’t recommend anyone deposit less than $500 for starters.

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