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Insured Profits Scam

Posted on by John Thiel

For some reason many people have recently approached me with various questions concerning this Insured Profits marketing gimmick, which is obviously a scam. Now, my background is more conservative and I actually take a minute to evaluate binary options strategies, signals, and indicators, but this thing is absolutely offensive and troubling. I honestly see how this industry is sinking into fast make money schemes instead of taking a more responsible and focused approach to trading.

So, when it was originally introduced to me by a colleague I immediately started investigating the issue and I was amazed by the amount of complaints and level of complexity and sophistication behind it, as well as the effort these affiliate marketers put into this thing.

Insured Mobile

As I continued diving into this thing I found out that these people have been doing this for a while and have similar scams which follow the same concept, to be specific binary boom, rock the stock, channel ranger, and binary app 810 (AKA Insider John) are also scams related to the same people and they all follow the same logic.

1. They Never Show The Software: This means you don’t really know what you are getting into and chances are you will never know. It’s just a scam designed to gobble up your initial investment and get the commissions out to the affiliates.

2. The Results are Never Real: They will show you some fake data or performance chart saying how much money they made or how successful they have been, when in reality this could not be more far from the truth.

3. These Are Paid Actors: And not very good ones mind you. They are paid to do fake presentations, testimonials, and product reviews similar to what is offered in

4. The Performance is Too Good to be True: This is usually the case with a scam, and there’s no way to ignore that fact that the performance is inflated and the numbers are not real. Even the most profitable investment portfolio will not be able to give you over 15% annual return on your initial investment, and that’s if you risk it in emerging markets and volatile stock options.

This person Dave, his so called brother Steve (who you never see) and his delightful wife Ginny are just actors who are sadly the real profiteers from this business, and that is because they risk no money, do their gig and get paid for their time. Now, I’m not saying people should make a career change an become actors but if you have some expertise in any field you should leverage it to your benefit and create an alternative or additional source of income.

Alright so moving forward here, when and if you are offered to buy into something like Insured Profits, the first thing you need to do is check if there are any scam reviews, and based on that email the customer service desk and try to get a response. Chances are they will either not respond or immediately direct you to register and fund a broker account. If this is the case then just take a step back and try to find a more transparent and profitable tool such as market signals or an automated trading system (BOT) that can actually stand behind what it promises and deliver the goods.


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