Learn How to Get Bigger Bonuses from Binary Options Brokers

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Learn How to Get Bigger Bonuses from Binary Options Brokers

Posted on by John Thiel

The biggest bonus I ever received for my first deposit was from Traderush. They called it educational allowance, but its actually a bonus like you would get when you make a deposit at an online casino or poker site.  This is how it happened. I was referred to Traderush, one of the newer binary options brokers available online by my friend. He claimed these guys know their business. First they know options, secondly they are not too pushy but let you know that if you want to make a a purchase online they are always available to assist.

Now here’s the deal, since I have about 500 open positions on anyoption, I decided I want to let it rest a little bit and try something else. Now my private options broker gave me 50% straight up on all my deposits with a trading requirement of 25 times. Now I think that this is a pretty fair deal for someone like me, but I’m always looking to get more.

So I take a look at my neteller account and I see that there is a balance of 40,000 & change. I decided I want to invest $5,000 to see what these guys are about. Honestly. they were professionals. I felt like it could have been $50,000 and the vibes I got were cool and focused. I felt I was getting the right treatment until I asked for a bonus.

The broker that was online at the time asked me to wait a minute, so I did. In about 10 seconds the Deal Room Manager picked up the phone and called me. He actually asked me what type of bonus was looking for, and that’s very refreshing during these days. I explained to him who I was and he just gave me a 20% cash back bonus, which is real money with no trading requirement needed.

I decided I want to place a Bidu put bid on 60 second options. I used candlestick analysis to understand what my risk is and it proved to be one very nice way to make money trading binary options online because I finished in the money and proceeded to withdraw my money. They tried to give me additional bonuses to keep trading, which is fine but I knew I had to cash out now or I would lose it all.

They money including the cash back bonus were in my Neteller account 1 hour after I sent the documents. I recommended Traderush to my friends and they in turn thanked me for the referral and binary options brokers comparison charts I made for them.

Taderush accepts deposits via: Visa, Prepaid Visa, Visa Giftcards, Amex, Diners, Mastercard, Neteller, and Moneybookers

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