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Make Fast and Easy Money Trading Binary Options

Posted on by John Thiel

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, the phones were ringing off the hook with investors begging me for advice about long puts. And you are probably asking yourself what’s this guy talking about? So here’s the deal. Usually when it comes to the holiday season guys get gifts for their girls. When it comes to my friends its stock options. Now, this may seem a bit odd at first, but when you hang around these rich guys long enough you start seeing things a bit differently.

But rich friends being what they are, I figured its worth my while picking up the phone and giving them a few tips on what I did with their investment portfolio, where they are invested, how I made the fast money trading binary options online for them, and why for the love of Christ they should stay my friends and let me manage their money and be their financial consultant.

So, for the “wife’s portfolio” I always have something that very safe – that way I never put my client in a potentially embarrassing situation where he has to tell his wife she lost money on the stock market. That’s a big no no – trust me I don’t care how strong your nerves are, you do not want to get your but chewed out by a disgustingly rich friend who loses face in front of his wife. The implications are astounding, I almost lost everything I had in a few days – and then just to prove how “merciful” he was, he made recommendations to a few of his golf buddies and my life was back to normal.

Since then, whenever it comes to the “wife’s portfolio”, I always look towards the energy stocks, primarily because its a good long term investment. I usually recommend a long hold on HAL, XOM, CVX, COP and similar stocks. I also mitigate risks when I place protective puts on various binary options brokers trading sites.


Now since we are talking about rich woman who have absolutely no understanding of markets and how hard it can be to make money trading stock options online, oil is something that’s very easy to explain. And I always tell my friends to use this when they tell their wives about their portfolio. Of course there are also some government bonds and blue chip stocks like PG & UL if you are a consumer goods fan.

So here it is, it one year I made my top 3 clients a combined value of 3.8 Million dollars in profits. All of these guys have offshore companies and bank accounts either in St. Kitts, Switzerland, or Cypress where they can do business quietly without that money ever having to enter the local banking systems and being declared. So for those of you that are new to this, make a note that its not enough to make the money trading binary options for example – you also have to know how to manage it after the contracts expire and you are in the money.

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