New Trading Feature Gives Twitter a Professional Touch

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New Trading Feature Gives Twitter a Professional Touch

Posted on by John Thiel

Twitter has recently launched a new feature allowing its users to click stock symbols (AKA “tickers”) by adding a $ prefix. According to techrunch the statement was made by the company’s own Twitter account. The tech term for it is hash tag or cash tag, only usually it utilizes the pound symbol (#).

Rival StockTwits Co-founder and CEO Howard Lindzon mocked Twitter by saying that they “hijacked” the cash tag concept. He continued to add that Twitter will have a serious problem monetizing their traffic since they don’t appeal to a financial community, rather a general internet audience consisting people interested in “rap” music as opposed to investing online.

OK getting down to business, so let’s say you deposited $5,000 on Traderush for example, then traded GOOG short on 60 second options and the contract expired in the money. Congratulations, you just made a substantial amount of money trading binary options online. Now for the fun part, gloating! Login to your Twitter account and tell all your trading buddies you made a killing on $GOOG. The cashtag will make the ticker clickable and your tweet that much more engaging and interactive. Oh, I forgot to mention, it will also make you look like an experienced trader.

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