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OptionBit Review

Posted on by John Thiel

Optionbit is a top tier binary options broker using the Tradologic platform. They started accepting trades during 2010, which means they have a solid team providing good solutions, top class customer support, and great bonuses and incentives.

The Offering
They offer their investors, clients and traders the ability to trade stocks, commodities,  indices and currency pairs on the options market from anywhere without the need to go through a broker.

Optionbit offers over 30 options to trade covering all major markets. The site itself has a slick look and feel to it. We found the user interface extremely user friendly, it allows you to find what you are looking for without any hassle or delays. Amazingly, they even provide services in 12 major languages. More than anything, this means they are taking this business seriously.

Strong Points
OptionBit offers three unique types of binary option to trade:

1. Digital: Allowing traders to determine whether an asset will move above or below a predetermined point.

2. Touch: Allowing traders to determine whether an asset will touch a set price before its expiration.

3. Range: Where traders can predict if an asset will expire within a predetermined range.

A variety of other features keep optionbit ahead of the game, including trading in smaller amounts, ‘Close Now’ and ‘Extend’ options allowing the best outcomes, and many incentive bonuses.

Special Features:

  • Three type of options to trade: Digital, Touch and Range
  • Varying option times
  • ‘Close Now’ and ‘Extend’ features
  • Smaller trading amounts
  • Incentives
  • Over 30 options to trade on.

Min/ Max Trade
$10/ $5000

The online trading platform is slick, clean, professional and easy to get around. In case of any questions you might have during the trading process, their response team are on hand to offer assistance and answers. Their aim is to have you earning quickly and securely.

The OptionBit trading platform has been carefully created with the full functionality of an online binary trading platform in mind. It has been made to accommodate both first time traders and the more experienced all accurately and efficiently. All content is available directly online with nothing having to be downloaded. As soon as you sign up and make your initial deposit, trades can be executed within minutes.

There is a wide range of choices available to you at OptionBit. They offer a massive amount of options to trade on from Commodities and Indices to Currencies and Stocks including Apple, Google and Coca Cola. The whole process is extremely user friendly and delightful to use.

They offer features found nowhere else online including varying degrees of expiry times from ‘15 minutes’ to ‘end of month’ with unique ‘Close Now’ and ‘Extend’ features which are exclusive to them.

The ‘Close Now’ option allows traders the ability to sell options before the time of expiration in case of unpredicted performance, or to ‘lock-in’ profit. The ‘Extend’ feature allows traders to extend the time of expiration in order to increase the odds of a more favourable financial reward.

Customer Support
OptionBit have a speedy and effective customer support system. They are available through phone, email and live chat directly through their website. They answer all correspondence in a timely and efficient manner. We tried their support in 3 languages and all results were outstanding. Their chat applet was the best and fastest we ever saw.

The trading platforms at OptionBit are smooth and extremely intuitive as well as easy to navigate. The site allows the trader to move around easily.  The major trading platform is seamless in performance, however if you encounter any difficulties you can contact the customer support team who are always available 24/7. They also offer professional consulting services for trading.

Recommendations and Conclusions
To sum up, we were extremely impressed with OptionBit. They offered an exciting and fresh product and have made online binary trading into a fun business with the opportunity to make impressive gains in a short space of time. Their support was second to none as they even provided some nice trading tips to make the experience as successful as possible. Their features are highly impressive and include tools and options found nowhere else online. Overall score is 8.9/10

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