OptionsClick Offers Free Trades on Facebook Stock

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OptionsClick Offers Free Trades on Facebook Stock

Posted on by John Thiel

OptionsClick, the popular binary options trading platform is offering special free Facebook (FB) trades for a limited time.

A couple of days ago the OptionsClick Head Trader contacted me and offered me the deal, and this was how the free trade promotion was explained to me. The minimum deposit to receive the FB trades stands at $300. Of course you can buy more but you don’t have to, and the money isn’t automatically credited to your OptionsClick account. I was told I have to call a certain number and ask to participate in the Trade Facebook promo.

There was more criteria, you have to place your trades within a period of 24 hours after making your deposit.Win or lose, it doesn’t matter, they told me my account will be credited with a bonus up to $50.

OptionsClick Trading Platform

The OptionsClick trader room has a practice trading arena with excellent binary options trading tutorials and a top notch demo account.

The benefits are amazing, especially for VIP traders wanting to invest online. It is catered to all types of traders. Beginners as well as experienced Wall Street traders are welcome. The platform is amazingly intuitive for technical traders, scalpers, momentum traders, swing traders, conventional or fundamental traders. In other words, its probably one of the best platforms for binary options trading.

The returns on investments are extremely attractive with an advertised rate of up to 81%. You also have the options of having dividend increases (I have used this option excessively at times). There are also attractive insurance offers, which is basically when the dealers in the trading room offer you money back on deposits that have been lost on previous investments. I have also been approached with exclusive offers on deposits, while having open positions on various stock. This is the type of risk the more traditional brokers will never take.

OptionsClick makes sure to keep it’s fingers on the pulse of the markets, but also providers you with the news and analysis needed to be a successful trader. For instance, if you check out the asset index you will see stock like GOOG, Currencies like Euro/USD, Commodities like GOLD,  and Indices like Nasdaq.

If some of you are looking for a binary options platform the offers trading on iPhone, Ipad, Android, or any other form of mobile device, Optionsclick still has some way to go. However, there are two recommended trading sites that do offer this service. The first is Anyoption, one of the older and more reputable binary options brokers. To start trading on on a mobile device via Anyoption simply click here.

The other trading platform is Ikkotrader, which originally focused on traders from France and Europe but will also accept US players. It also offers trading binary options on Iphone. To open an account with Ikkotrader and start trading binaries on your Iphone or Android click here.

If you are interested in reading up on more trading strategies, read in-depth broker reviews, or get a better understanding of how to deposit or withdraw money from your binary options account, simply browse our payment methods section located on the right panel of the binary options reports home page otherwise simply click here to open an account with OptionsClick and start making money today.

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