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Special Review

Posted on by John Thiel

OptionsClick – Binary Options Broker

Launched in 2010, OptionsClick is considered by many to have the most variety of assets with particularly attractive fees. Secure and reliable for Forex and Binary Options traders of any level, online traders can earn up to 89% per trade they make.

Strong Points
OptionsClick is also considered to be one of the fastest growing binary options trading and investments platform available today. They offer an award-winning trading platform with a wide variety of assets ranging from indices and stock options to currencies and commodities. The pricing and status of every asset (and more importantly every trade) is provided by real time live market data with no unwarranted delays.

Unique Features
Unlike the traditional investing tools which require you to purchase, and then sell an asset before realizing profits, at OptionsClick, there is no need to own, buy or sell anything.

The profits (or gains) are automatically deposited into your account balance at the close of every successful trade you make. No charges, fees or commissions are deducted!

OptionsClick utilizes state of the art security and encryption mechanisms. Your money is always safe, and your profits are deposited directly to your account balance instantly upon expiry of all your successful trades. Full access to withdrawal money at any time is yours 24/7.

Multi-Language Support
OptionsClick offers all traders support in English and French via live chat, phone and email. All OptionsClick support agents are industry professionals with varying degrees of experience, and can provide not only technical, but also financial and industry-related online assistance. In addition they offer very professional weekly market reviews and a 24/7 binary options trading education center.

 Trading Platforms
At OptionsClick you can find 3 types of trading platforms.

  1. HIGH/LOW (will your asset expire HIGHER or LOWER?)
  1. ONE TOUCH (will your assets price TOUCH or NOT TOUCH a specific price?)
  1. RANGE (will your asset expire OUTSIDE or INSIDE a specific range?)

Custom Trading Packages
OptionsClick offers more than 20 packages tailored to  your individual requirements, interests, and skills. They also offer FREE trades for qualified traders.

Loyalty & VIPs
OptionsClick offers custom designed trading, investing and loyalty packages for a select group of traders. If you think you have what it takes to be a VIP trader, I highly recommend you take advantage of your skills, strength, and experience level to maximize your profits and get membership into one of the more professional VIP clubs in the trading scene.

Conclusions and Recommendations:
We’re very excited about OptionsClick and we recommend them to both novice as well as experienced traders . Bottom line, the support reps did a nice job helping me out and explaining the basics, when I needed consulting I had a professional broker call me on the phone 2 minutes later. The return on investment is significant, they do have a competitive platform, and on the overall we give them a rating of 8.6/10.

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