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Posted on by John Thiel

OptionXP is the one of today’s leading binary options trading website. Binary options allow customers to profit from small changes in the price of assets. Investors predict in which direction an asset will move in by a specified time and they profit if the asset’s price moves even a fraction in the predicted direction. A Call option is bought if it is thought that the price of the asset will go above its current price. A Put option is bought if it is thought that the price of the asset will go below its current price. 

Options which move in the correctly predicted direction receive an industry high payout of 75-81%. Even if the predicted direction move is incorrect, the investor will receive some types of refund if he asks for it.

The OptionXP platform is 100% web based so no software needs to be downloaded for a customer to begin investing. It is also available in English and French. There are over 70 assets available on the site including forex, index, commodity and stock options with an industry high offer of 4 possible expiry times – end of the hour, day, week and month.

For hourly options, investors can view their option’s performance in Profit Line, which allows them to follow the situation of their open options relative to market fluctuations, to receive current and updated information on estimated profit and to buy additional options straight from the graph.

For further information, investors can turn to the in-depth FAQ section answering all common queries or the Learn about binary options information pages which explain exactly what binary options are, how to trade them and what their benefits are. For those preferring a visual explanation, the Demo walks a customer through the trading process, using a trading box example (Digital, Touch, and Boundary).

The OptionXP platform is easy and fun to use. Registration involves a simple one step form and customers can choose to open their account in USD, GBP, EUR or TRY. Supporting this there are numerous deposit methods – bank wire transfer, credit/debit cards or local payment methods relevant to the customers’ country. This system allows customers to deposit cash into their local post office or make a payment through an A as well as other convenient payment methods.

Trading on the OptionXP platform never stops. OptionXP customer s can continue to trade even on the weekends when the markets are closed. Some options have a week-long expiry time, with a payout as much as 380% when an option reaches or surpasses a predetermined barrier (either above or below the asset’s current price).

Finally and vitally, the OptionXP platform is secure and uses the most advanced and stable technologies to assure their customers’ safety and satisfaction.

Conclusions and Recommendations
Generally speaking OptionsXP scores high on all key parameters. They have quality support and the variety of assets. The flow and navigation was very intuitive and the cashier was easy to understand and deposit using a variety of payment methods like Moneybookers (skrill) and Neteller.  The overall score would have to be 8.8/10. More languages would have given them a higher score.

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