Redwood Options: 60 Second Trading Review

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Redwood Options: 60 Second Trading Review

Posted on by John Thiel

Trading 60 second options on Redwood was one one of the most exciting experiences I had as a binary options trader. The user-interface was easy as point-and-click, and the graphics were sharp and friendly.

Redwood Options

When trading 60 seconds digital options every thing is basically the same as you would have in the standard High/Low or Above/Below format, the only thing that changes is the time threshold.

Buying in and holding on to a position for 1 minute is probably as close as it gets to financial betting. This type of feature is designed exactly for those of us who are looking for a different type of trading experience, this is not necessarily for traders looking for a traditional Wall Street type broker who makes his commission regardless if you win or lose.

The minimum trade for 60 Second Options on Redwood is $5, and you can trade currencies such as EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, and EUR/JPY, Commodities such as Gold, Copper, and Silver, Stocks like GOOG or APPL, and Indices like the DOW and the NASDAQ.

Trading sixty second options with this broker is restricted to specific trading times, so you would need to check your contract expiration date or alternatively check with the support staff. If you are a technical trader, scalper, swinger, of news trader, you will always need to conduct proper analysis of your fundamentals and have a solid strategy to fall back on if you wish to make money.

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