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Optionrally 60 Seconds Review

Posted on by John Thiel

Optionrally is one of the better CySec-licensed brokers offering 60 second options, as well as timely withdrawals. I had the opportunity to test their 60 seconds trading feature and found out that is was one of the best around. Additionally, this broker also offers 30 seconds, 2 minutes, and 5 minute contracts if you are interested in short terms expiration options. 60 second options are the most popular among experienced as well as amateur traders wanting to test their skills and start trading binary options online. Optionrally also offers mobile trading on IOS (iPhones and iPads) as well as Android if …

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Cherry Trade 60 Second Options Review

Posted on by John Thiel

Cherry Trade is one of the newest and most user friendly binary options brokers to enter the trading scene these days. They offer 60 second options, as well as other short-term contracts such as 2,5,10, and 15 minutes. The owners of Cherry Trade are also personal friends, so if you encounter any issues or would like some assistance inquiring about any number of issues, feel fee to contact me through my Facebook page or leave a message on my blog. I try to respond the same day. OK, so when it comes to 60 second options on Cherry Trade, I …

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Cedar Finance Review

Posted on by John Thiel

Cedar Finance is one of the leading binary options brokers today offering a variety of trading instruments such as 60 second options, options builder, and open platform. This trading platform is both intuitive as well as unique in the sense that it appeals to new traders and veterans alike. Simply explained, when making correct predictions on price movements it’s possible to gain fast profits through a variety of assets. No download is necessary, the software has been developed so it is 100% web-based. This means that you can trade on any device (Tablet, Ipad, Mobile, Android) as long as you …

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Your Binary Options Make Money Trading Guide 2012‏

Posted on by John Thiel

So why is it that some traders are always more successful than others at making money trading binary options? I often ask myself this question, because assuming both traders are relatively intelligent, educated, and start off with the same amount of investment capital – what sets them apart? Is there a winning recipe or cheat sheet for executing optimal trades? The answers vary, but after speaking to my colleagues it is plain to see that most of the successful traders I know have the following characteristics, mind set, and work methodologies in common. Common Psycholgical and Personal Traits Most Successful Traders …

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Binary Options 60 Second Trading – How to Use the Momentum Strategy to Make Money

Posted on by John Thiel

There are many binary options brokers out there offering trading on the 60 seconds platform. If you have no previous experience trading binaries I highly recommend you speak with one of the account managers or analysts employed by your broker after you register a real money account but before you start risking money. What is 60 Second Trading?Sixty second trading is a trading vehicle structured much the same way as the more traditional digital or binary option up/down, above/below format we are all familiar with. The only difference is that you have the option of trading a very large amount of short …

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Binary Options Brokers Accepting Euro Deposits

Posted on by John Thiel

If you are an active binary options trader looking to fund your account with Euros, you will find a plethora of brokers willing to offer their services. However, you should be aware that  while some brokers accept Euro deposits, their base currency may be USD. What does this mean? Well, in essense it means the you can deposit in Euros, but the balance is translated into the dollar equivalency. Why does this happen? Well, there are usually 2 possible reasons for this. The first has to do with the processing solutions the brokers has, and the second has to do …

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Four Basic Trading Criteria for Investing in Binary Options

Posted on by John Thiel

Dowe Bynum, Co-owner at Bynum Asset Management believes there are four investment criteria or strategies he uses to build his investment portfolio. 1. Circle of Competence: This means before you choose to invest in a stock, index, commodity, or currency, you must conduct proper research. The trick is to target hundreds of stock options and then slowly dilute the lot until you are left with 5-10 good options. Your circle of competence is basically your ability to predict and understand everything that particular stock did on a certain day or time. 2. The Business Logic: Behind every stock there is …

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High Frequency Trading Strategy in Binary Options

Posted on by John Thiel

Is high frequency trading even possible in binary options? Well, assuming you don’t have access to a sophisticated trading algorithm automating the trading process, I highly recommend you stay away from it. However, purely from a theoretical perspective the fundamental analysis is correct. Let’s say you have the option of moving in and out of multiple short term positions in milliseconds based on a predictive analysis of a specific currency, stock, index, or commodity. Let’s continue to assume that that this will be based on the processing speed of the financial markets. Purely from a theoretical perspective you would be …

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New Trading Feature Gives Twitter a Professional Touch

Posted on by John Thiel

Twitter has recently launched a new feature allowing its users to click stock symbols (AKA “tickers”) by adding a $ prefix. According to techrunch the statement was made by the company’s own Twitter account. The tech term for it is hash tag or cash tag, only usually it utilizes the pound symbol (#). Rival StockTwits Co-founder and CEO Howard Lindzon mocked Twitter by saying that they “hijacked” the cash tag concept. He continued to add that Twitter will have a serious problem monetizing their traffic since they don’t appeal to a financial community, rather a general internet audience consisting people interested …

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New Trading Tool Dynamic One Touch Unveiled By Traderush

Posted on by John Thiel

Traderush, a premier binary options broker has just unveiled a new trading type (or trading tool) named Dynamic One Touch. Keeping in line with tradition, Traderush has outdone itself by providing an advanced trading type specifically designed for technical traders which includes enhanced charting capabilities and improved analysis tools. It’s also named Touch or Not Touch because it allows the trader to designate whether an asset will Touch or Not Touch a given price when the expiry time is reached. Offering variable returns starting at 80 and all the way up to 250 percent on each trade, Dynamic one Touch sounds very …

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