Your Binary Options Make Money Trading Guide 2012‏

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Your Binary Options Make Money Trading Guide 2012‏

Posted on by John Thiel

So why is it that some traders are always more successful than others at making money trading binary options? I often ask myself this question, because assuming both traders are relatively intelligent, educated, and start off with the same amount of investment capital – what sets them apart? Is there a winning recipe or cheat sheet for executing optimal trades? The answers vary, but after speaking to my colleagues it is plain to see that most of the successful traders I know have the following characteristics, mind set, and work methodologies in common. Common Psycholgical and Personal Traits Most Successful Traders …

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Trading EUR USD Forex Binary Options – A Strategic Analysis of a Bullish Market

Posted on by John Thiel

Today I will be looking at the Candlestick patterns and trying to formulate a Forex trading strategy on the EUR/USD exchange rates. Chart A represents a Harami Bullish pattern. Harami translates to “pregnant” in Japanese. This specific Bullish Pattern is usually characterized by its small white body contained within a previously longer black real body (for explanations about bullish and bearish markets please refer to our strategy section located at the top menu of the home page). The long black candlestick is referred to as the mother and the smaller one is also known as the baby (my friends call it …

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How to Invest in Gold When Trading Binary Options

Posted on by John Thiel

It’s common knowledge that commodities are used in order to minimize risk and as a way to diversify the stock portfolio because they are considered to be a relatively low risk form of trading. But why do investors flock to the gold during times of high volatility? I mean you have Copper, Corn, Silver, Oil, & so on…The answer is simple, as opposed to other commodities, lets say oil for example that is more prone to market demand and fluctuates accordingly, gold is a sure way for investors to make sure their money keeps its value and is not devalued …

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Learn How to Get Bigger Bonuses from Binary Options Brokers

Posted on by John Thiel

The biggest bonus I ever received for my first deposit was from Traderush. They called it educational allowance, but its actually a bonus like you would get when you make a deposit at an online casino or poker site.  This is how it happened. I was referred to Traderush, one of the newer binary options brokers available online by my friend. He claimed these guys know their business. First they know options, secondly they are not too pushy but let you know that if you want to make a a purchase online they are always available to assist. Now here’s …

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Learn How to Use a Covered Call in Binary Options Trading Strategy

Posted on by John Thiel

A covered call is one of various binary options trading strategies where online traders can hold a long position on an underlying asset as well as a call option on the same asset trying to produce more income on that specific asset. This strategy, (also referred to as a buy-write) is often used when investors have a short term or neutral outlook on the underlying asset and therefore hold the asset long while at the same time take a short position on the option to produce higher profit margins from the option premium. Now let’s say that for all intents and purposes …

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Learn How to Manage Risk in Binary Options Trading

Posted on by John Thiel

All forms of trading involve some degree of risk. It doesn’t matter if your buying shares of BP stock based on positive quarterly results or EBITDA data,or selling short BME because you think austerity measures in Spain won’t measure up to Standard & Poor’s credit rating criteria – you will always have some degree of risk involved in  trading. Your ability to read market sentiment and analyze the stock patterns using Japanese candlestick charting techniques and chart patterns like a cup and handle (or cup without a handle) will mean the difference between your contract expiring out of the money or hopefully having …

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Make Fast and Easy Money Trading Binary Options

Posted on by John Thiel

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, the phones were ringing off the hook with investors begging me for advice about long puts. And you are probably asking yourself what’s this guy talking about? So here’s the deal. Usually when it comes to the holiday season guys get gifts for their girls. When it comes to my friends its stock options. Now, this may seem a bit odd at first, but when you hang around these rich guys long enough you start seeing things a bit differently. But rich friends being what they are, I figured its …

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Make Money Trading Binary Options

Posted on by John Thiel

Sometimes in markets, as in life the solutions present themselves as you progress. When I started trading online the internet was a relatively new and unknown medium. Today, some of my best friends engage in financial betting; either in Forex options, commodity trading, or indices. So when I started out I was clueless and had no experience, but I had a very strong desire to succeed, a good grasp of figures, and since I was young and with no commitments I could afford to take risks. Today, I’m 10 years older with a tremendous amount of trading experience both offline …

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GlobalOption Review

Posted on by John Thiel

GlobalOption – Binary Options Broker Aimed at the professional marketplace, GlobalOption is one of the key players within the  online binary option trading field. They keep themselves ahead of the competition and offer their investors the ability to trade without the need to go through a broker. They offer an impressive collection of over 35 options featuring all major markets you would expect from a leading site. All trades take place on a slick operating platform with no annoying downloads. GlobalOption offer three exclusive types of binary option to trade: ‘Digital’, allowing traders to determine whether an asset will move …

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TraderXP Review

Posted on by John Thiel

TraderXP launched at 2007 and was the first company that introduced binary options trading to the world. With a unique web based platform in which the user is not required to download any software.   Thus creating a very user friendly web site which is easy to understand and use. TraderXP offers binary options on over 90 underlying assets covering the USA, European, Asian and Middle Eastern markets, making it an extremely diverse and internationally attractive site. For the non English speaker, the fact that the site is also displayed in French, Spanish, Norwegian, Arabic and Russian, makes it a highly beneficial and …

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