What to Expect When Trying to Cash Out Your Winnings From a Binary Options Broker

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What to Expect When Trying to Cash Out Your Winnings From a Binary Options Broker

Posted on by John Thiel

When trading with a Cysec-licensed binary options broker, one has to factor in that it may not be good enough to execute winning trades, you also have to understand what the trading volume requirements are when you attempt to withdraw your well-earned winnings. In my previous post about how the bonus mechanism works with the new platforms I explain what to do in order to meet the requisites, however I have collected some feedback from some of my colleagues who have tried to cash out prior to meeting the criteria and were officially labeled as abusers or fraudsters. So why …

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Rogue Traders Claim They Exploited a 60 Second Loophole in Binary Options

Posted on by John Thiel

I have recently enjoyed the company of some “basement traders” that have openly stated they were able to exploit a systematic weakness they found while executing 60 second trades with two very prominent and well-known binary options brokers. At first I was very standoffish and reserved about these rogue methods as they force the broker to enforce rough policies that eventually hurt the average trader. However the more I hear about the scams going out there, the more I get receptive to these type of unorthodox make-money systems and methods. Now, my friend Larry is a retired airline executive living …

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Binary Options How to Withdraw Money

Posted on by John Thiel

Im sure every binary options trader depositng money has eventually come across some type of difficulty cashing out funds. These difficulties can usually be separated into 2 main categories: The first has to do with the documentation you are required to provide when trying to make a withdrawal, and the second has to do with the withdrawal method. * There is an exception to US traders, the transfers can only be done via Bank Wires/Wire Transfers. In all cases documentation has to be provided when cashing out. These are the items that have to be sent: Official Photo ID or …

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Binary Options Brokers Minimum Deposits

Posted on by John Thiel

Our staff has collected information from all the binary options brokers we work with and made a simple chart that only includes the minimum deposit, and the bonus received. This snapshot or chart we drafted provides you with the absolute basic information required to start trading binaries online. Should you require more information about a specific broker, simply click on the link the located at the last column for an updated review and analysis. Broker Minimum Deposit Bonus Accepting USA Review Optionbit  $200 50% Yes* Optionbit Review Traderush  $200 50% Yes Traderush Review GlobalOption  $100 40% Yes** GlobalOption Review XPMarkets …

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Binary Options: Safe Brokers and Trading Platforms 2012

Posted on by John Thiel

Our staff has conducted an extensive check and review our two leading, recommended, and trusted binary options brokers accepting real money deposits from traders. When we started this journey we only intended on asking them one question: Is Your Trading Platform Safe? Eventually we understood it wasn’t enough and continued to collect the most relevant information for trading binary options at an online broker. Part of our tactics involved posing as amateur or new traders wanting to deposit, and we started to ask a very specific set of questions regarding these major areas: 1.What kind of safety measures are you taking to …

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High Frequency Trading Strategy in Binary Options

Posted on by John Thiel

Is high frequency trading even possible in binary options? Well, assuming you don’t have access to a sophisticated trading algorithm automating the trading process, I highly recommend you stay away from it. However, purely from a theoretical perspective the fundamental analysis is correct. Let’s say you have the option of moving in and out of multiple short term positions in milliseconds based on a predictive analysis of a specific currency, stock, index, or commodity. Let’s continue to assume that that this will be based on the processing speed of the financial markets. Purely from a theoretical perspective you would be …

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