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Binary Options Best Trading Strategies for Commodities

Posted on by John Thiel

Before we even start talking about trading and investing in commodities, let’s start with understanding exactly what commodities are. The classic definition of commodities is:  Goods used for commercial ends that is interchangeable with other various but similar commodities. Commodities are usually used as types of resources in the manufacturing of other services, products, or goods. Distinguishing attributes as well as performance changes from one commodity to another. However, it is generally the same across all producers. When traded at exchanges such as Nadex or CBOE, commodities must also meet a predefined set of criteria also referred to as a basis grade. Now, …

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Four Basic Trading Criteria for Investing in Binary Options

Posted on by John Thiel

Dowe Bynum, Co-owner at Bynum Asset Management believes there are four investment criteria or strategies he uses to build his investment portfolio. 1. Circle of Competence: This means before you choose to invest in a stock, index, commodity, or currency, you must conduct proper research. The trick is to target hundreds of stock options and then slowly dilute the lot until you are left with 5-10 good options. Your circle of competence is basically your ability to predict and understand everything that particular stock did on a certain day or time. 2. The Business Logic: Behind every stock there is …

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Binary Options Demo Account

Posted on by John Thiel

Anyone wanting to start trading binary options online will have to open an account with a broker first. Before you open a real money trading account, its best you register for a free demo account. The benefits are obvious, it allows you to simulate a trade in close to real life  circumstances from the comfort of your own home, without taking any real risk. Whether you are an experienced trader, or an amateur just starting out, opening a practice account with one of the recommended platforms is mandatory. Just like you wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a …

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OptionsClick Offers Free Trades on Facebook Stock

Posted on by John Thiel

OptionsClick, the popular binary options trading platform is offering special free Facebook (FB) trades for a limited time. A couple of days ago the OptionsClick Head Trader contacted me and offered me the deal, and this was how the free trade promotion was explained to me. The minimum deposit to receive the FB trades stands at $300. Of course you can buy more but you don’t have to, and the money isn’t automatically credited to your OptionsClick account. I was told I have to call a certain number and ask to participate in the Trade Facebook promo. There was more criteria, …

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OptionBit Digital Trading Tutorial

Posted on by John Thiel

The following post is a step-by-step trading guide or tutorial designed to do the following things: 1. Explain, in the most simple and easy to understand way how to register an account with OptionBit, one of the more well-known and recommended online binary options brokers. 2. How to enter the cashier, make a deposit using a credit card, making a wire transfer or via Western union (OptionBit is currently working towards integrating an ewallet and paypal solution) depending on how you would prefer making your purchase and receiving your bonus or educational allowance. 3. How to select the underlying asset, …

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How to Invest in Gold When Trading Binary Options

Posted on by John Thiel

It’s common knowledge that commodities are used in order to minimize risk and as a way to diversify the stock portfolio because they are considered to be a relatively low risk form of trading. But why do investors flock to the gold during times of high volatility? I mean you have Copper, Corn, Silver, Oil, & so on…The answer is simple, as opposed to other commodities, lets say oil for example that is more prone to market demand and fluctuates accordingly, gold is a sure way for investors to make sure their money keeps its value and is not devalued …

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How to Use a Naked Put in Binary Options Trading

Posted on by John Thiel

The classic Naked Put definition refers to a scenario when a writer owning a put option does not have a short position in the stock on which he’s written the put. This situation is also known as an “uncovered put”, and the level of risk is very high because the profit is limited to the premium received at the time the option is sold. I have seen a lot of novice traders lose a lot of money because they do not know how to manage risk properly. I have two friends who trade binary options on a regular basis and I …

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Binary Options Reviews

Posted on by John Thiel

The following post is basically a recap of all the reviews that can be found in the binaryoptionsreports home page. It provides an executive brief of all the various binary options brokers reviews and gives you the bottom line. Optionbit Review: A top tier binary options broker with exceptionally sharp dealers providing you with surprisingly insightful trading tips on various commodities, indices, stocks, or currencies. In this case I used my neteller account to deposit $1,000 and the was immediately approached with a type of cash back offer you will never get with the more traditional options brokers. They offer …

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Your Binary Options Trading Guide to Making a Safe and Consistently Growing Stream of Income

Posted on by John Thiel

When I finally left my corporate position at one of the bigger financial institutions I decided that it was time to start managing my own money. At the time binary options trading online was just beginning, but I already had  a special affinity for this particular financial instrument. Looking back I remember all the money I managed for my top clients and then it finally hit me. It’s different when you risk your money, and not someone else’s. I got a real kick out of it and being an analytics freak who believes in minimal risk and is willing to make lesser …

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GlobalOption Review

Posted on by John Thiel

GlobalOption – Binary Options Broker Aimed at the professional marketplace, GlobalOption is one of the key players within the  online binary option trading field. They keep themselves ahead of the competition and offer their investors the ability to trade without the need to go through a broker. They offer an impressive collection of over 35 options featuring all major markets you would expect from a leading site. All trades take place on a slick operating platform with no annoying downloads. GlobalOption offer three exclusive types of binary option to trade: ‘Digital’, allowing traders to determine whether an asset will move …

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