The Appealing Nature of Binary Options Trading

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The Appealing Nature of Binary Options Trading

Posted on by John Thiel

Why is it that so many traders find binary options so appealing these days? Is it because this amazing financial instrument is finally getting the attention it deserves, or maybe it has to do with the excitement of high risk and high rewards with an extremely simple premise; Call or put (Above or Below), that’s all you have to guess and if you get the direction right your contract expires in the money.

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You can develop your trading strategy and decide if you want to invest in Forex currency pairs, indices, commodities, or stock. But at the end of the day it’s just you and as much common sense as you can gather coupled with updated and relevant market indicators identifying the right entry and/or reversal signals.

To illustrate, let’s say you register a real money trading account with Traderush, a veteran and trusted binary options broker, and choose to invest $1,000 in 60 second options. The tools you have at your disposal are as follows:

1. Choose the Best Charting Software: Understanding the candlestick patterns and formations will give you all the advantages you need in order to start executing successful trades.

2. Follow the News: Keep your eyes wide open and your ears close to the action because even a reletively irrelevant event like the weather report in Idaho can influence your decision to sell or buy oil stock for example.

3. Understand the Rules of the Game: The new brokers offer a more incentive-based trading environment built around bonuses and educational allowances. However, this does not come with out a price.

Finally, when you make a decision on how to invest, make sure you understand the contract expiry time and date and make sure to have your positions hedged in a way which allows you to bounce back without having to reinvest and deposit more money.

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