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Traderush VIP Program

Posted on by John Thiel

Traderush, is considered by many traders to be the hands-down favorite binary options broker operating online today. Besides having a top notch operation, now also servicing the French, as well as Japanese markets, Traderush also has one of the most attractive VIP programs around. First, a little recap about Traderush and the trading options it has available.

At Traderush you can register and start trading stocks indices, currencies, and commodities immediately after completing registration without having to download anything. Options Builder offers you a simple method to customize trades.

It’s basically just one amazing feature that empowers you by allowing you to decide the exact level of risk VS reward ratio adept to your trading style (i.e. technical trading, casual trading, etc). You also factor in the size of the trading portfolio and expiry times. The feature enables you to implement the trading strategies that are the most effective and also allows you to sort and pick the trading method that’s best for you. Managing risk as well as executing the trades according to predetermined times empower you by enabling you to create the strategy with the highest yield.

Other trading tools include:

Optionpro: Basically a charting feature that is enabled for each available asset. It’s really useful if your a technical trader looking at historic trading patterns.

OneTouch: Investments that are offered to traders in units of the entry rate.

Here’s how it works, a $50 contract expiring on a weekly basis with a return rate of 450% translates to a stated goal if “touched” (but not necessarily closed) one time during the week of the contract at 17:00 GMT, the investor will receive a grand total of $275 return on his original $50 deposit. This is of course a pre-tax profit, and I highly recommend you refer to my previous article about offshore bank accounts and legal ways to hold on to your money. To continue, the contract can be purchased in 5 units equaling a $250 investment with a potential ROI of $1,375 at the end of the week.

60 Second Options: This trading feature is exclusive brokers operating with licences from the newer trading platforms such as Spotoption and Tradologic.  It is simply the shortest possible option available online today, and I have to say if there is anything answering to the criteria of financial betting, this would be it. Trading 60 second options is highly addictive and much like the classic trading mode, you simply choos the asset, how much you want to invest, a position (“Call” or“Put”) and then proceed to click the start button. This is crucial when trading binary options on Traderush, each click on the start button for a given asset will initiate a 60-second trade. Traderush emails you the details of the trade when your position opens and closes. Check out the image below to see how it’s like in real money mode when you invest.

Now for the Traderush VIP Program:

Its Plain to see the division into Mini, Standard, Manager, Executive Gold, and Executive Platinum. Obviously the more you deposit the bigger your bonuses get. Also the perks vary as you progress along the VIP Levels. The top VIP’s get daily market reviews sent to their mail, same day withdrawals, money management training, professional trading analysis, platform walkthroughs, a series of trading strategies, risk-free trades, and 24/7 personal account management. When you reach Executive Platinum you can even call your VIP Manager and have him order you a shrimp cocktail (something which he will be more than happy to do). My personal relationships with brokers and VIP Managers basically led me to the understanding that when you reach a certain level everything is negotiable. Meaning, no one wants to be responsible for creating an unhappy VIP, so they will usually give you exactly what you want – simply ask for it.

If you feel you are a VIP and would like to start trading and making money with binary options now, simply Click Here to open a Traderush VIP account.

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